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“Of all spirits in your house, rum is the most charming,” published Bon Vivant Adam Beard in 1956. He was right, of course. An individual sip may bring to mind extra tall palm trees and shrubs and small umbrellas, exotic trips and colorful, complicated journeys. But love is the opposite of fact, and rum has thus proved a fertile breeding ground for incorrect notions, which have taken root and spread like wild fire.

These are my favorite 5 myths of Rum.  Do they sound familiar?


Rum is sweet, always

Yes, all rum is manufactured out of sugar. No, it doesn’t mean it’s sugary sweet. Yeast diligently changes the sugar to alcohol and dioxide before it is ready for the the still. A white rum is often as dry as any liquor. Increasing age in oak provides tannin’s and other real wood flavorings that can produce dark rum as puckery as Scotch.

Rum is most beneficial mixed with fruit drinks

Rum has customarily been an inexpensive soul, therefore it was blended with cheap juices for frat functions often. But a good rum holds itself nicely in classic cocktails such as a rum Manhattan or a rum traditional. The finest older rums are best enjoyed pure, like cognac.

Rum is a Caribbean/Western Indian spirit

Rum’s commercial birthplace might have been via the sweet cane areas of the hawaiian islands and the tropics, but before the North American Revolution, a large number of rum distilleries had been around in Britain. Today, rum is a popular United States product once again, with many distillers making distinctive rums from New Orleans to Hawaii to Boston.

Pirates drank rum, always

Pirates drank whatever they could plunder, and in the first days, that was Spanish wines mainly. Contemporary accounts of the dreaded Captain Morgan–the real one–don’t even mention rum. It wasn’t before overdue 17th and early in 18th centuries that pirates began to drink rum, concurrent with the surge of the Western world Indian rum trade.

“Rhum” is a French affectation (or a typo)

You’ll often see “rhum” on labels of rums from French-speaking areas, the island of Martinique especially. This is not merely French contrariness. Rather, it typically distinguishes rum created from fresh sugar cane juice from rum created from molasses. In white rhums especially, you may expect a funkier, grassier flavor.

These are my 5 myths or Rum.  Do you have more?

Different Types of Drinks With Rum

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Apr 062016

There are many different types of tropical drinks with rum, which are prepared by adding other ingredients to it. Rum is the favorite drink of quite a large number of people and it can be blended with various other things to get some great cold or hot drinks. Rum can also be used with desserts and is also used sometimes in cooking. There are different types of rum such as coconut rum, golden rum, light rum, dark rum and many more. Everyone has a preference of his own. Hence rum can not only be used individually but with other products for very useful purposes. Some of the finest drinks with rum are 24k nightmare, Acapulco, Adam, Aubade, Bacardi blossom, pinacolada and many more. These drinks can be formed by adding a small amount or a large amount of rum depending upon whether the drink prepared is to be hard or not.

Drink With Rum

Historic Data about Rum

Rum has the richest past as compared to other drinks. It is basically a distilled spirit obtained from the byproduct of sugarcane known as molasses. Molasses is prepared by boiling the sugarcane juice to a viscous concentration. Sugary syrup which is brown in color is thus formed. This is then distilled and a white colored spirit known as rum is formed. The main origin of rum comes from the island of Caribbean. Sugarcane was previously converted into molasses in India and then it was sent to Caribbean for the further process distillation.

It is often thought that the origin of the word rum comes from the biological name of sugarcane which is Saccharin officinarum. Some others credit the Englishmen for it. In the starting, rum was thought as terribly tasting liquor. Rum was also associated with the British Royal Navy in around 1655 and the different rumming techniques took birth at this point of time and different drinks with rum were invented. Aging, filtering and distillation techniques were also improved to a great deal during this time span. It was associated with the pirates when the privateers of England began the trading of rum.

Types of Rum

White rum and dark rum are the two main classifications of rum. The type of rum which is ready to be placed in bottles and does not need any type of maturing further, is known as white rum. The best example of white rum is Bacardi. It finds a place in various cocktails and is a youthful drink and companion to many mixers. White rum is very often served with coke. Cuba libre, a drink topped with ice and coke and often garnished from lime slice is formed with white rum. It is one of the examples of drinks with rum.

Dark rum is a flavored drink. This flavor is due to two factors. Firstly because it is matured for about 2 to 12 years and secondly the addition of caramel gives a dark deep tone to this type of rum. Captain Morgan is the drunken dark rum. It is also one of the drinks with rum and presence of sugar based spirit reduces the effect of caramel.

Enjoying Drinks With Rum

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Apr 062016

The bars having drinks with rum in the parties are often seen to be part of the party that attracts all the crowed over there.

Little about rum:

Let us first know something about rum. Rum is an alcoholic drink which is being consumed since ancient times. It is known to have been existing since long time before 17th century. It is extracted from sugarcane. Its distillation started in Caribbean where people realized how they could utilize the molasses left over after the making of sugar. From there due to its taste it quickly spread in various countries. New Englanders produced rum which was superior in quality than any other. It was also considered to be the most profitable industry. It was also liked by the Royal Navy of Britain.

Drinks With Rum

Various drinks to involve rum:

Earlier rum was considered to be the drink for the pirates and was not preferred so much. But with time and the changing mindset of people across the globe rum is no longer a drinks meant for the pirates. It is a standard ingredient for many daiquiris. Just like Vodka, rum can also be mixed in various drinks in order to make a better drink out of it. The Planter’s punch is of the drinks with rum.  Any punch based on rum is referred to as Planter’s punch. Cuba Libre is another rum based drink. It is a rum, lemon and cola. It originated in Havana in around 1900. Coquito also has rum; it involves creamy punch of coconut flavor. Mojito is one of the most famous drinks with rum. It was the second favorite of Ernest Hemingway. It is a traditional cocktail of Cuba. The all famous Pina Colada is also a rum based drink. It is a hot favorite drink for all those who like to have traditional drinks. Zombie is made using different rums, liqueurs and fruit juices and is there considered to be a very strong drink. Hurricane which finds its origins in the Second World War is a drink whose name is due to the shape of hurricane and is a very popular drink at the parties. All these drink bring life to your party if in case it is getting boring and ensures that all your guests are enjoying themselves. Not only this, these drinks also make you feel warm when you are out at some cold place and are chilling out in the chills. Brazilian Rum is used to make one of the very popular drinks with rum. This cocktail is known as Caipirinha Bahama Breeze and is made using fresh limes that are muddled with the superfine sugar plus a cachaca. With such a huge variety and a lot more, these drinks are all set to be a part of the bar at your house or your parties. Just give a try to the drinks with rum and make a difference in your party but make sure you are above 18 or 21 as your country allows you to be eligible to consume drinks.